If you haven't purchased a license yet don't worry. Trying it out is hassle free. You can import two video tapes of up to 100 video clips each without needing to purchase a license. The application is fully functional in demo mode (except for the above mentioned limits). No annoying countdown until you can try the application. No windows will pop up to ask you to register. Then when you've found you just gotta have it you can purchase a license and import the rest of your tapes.

If you've already purchased a license we thank you for supporting our application.

The application is available in English, Dutch, German, Swedish and French. If you are interested in adding another supported language to FootTrack please contact us.

The Dutch localization was done by Paul Bánsági.
The German localization was done by Fiver Löcker.
The Swedish localization was done by Hans Kignell.
The French localization was done by Erwan Ripoll.

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Tiger ready) - Runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs
5MB free disk space + 180MB per compressed 60 minute tape
A video camera compatible with iMovie and/or Final Cut Pro/Express
FootTrack is compatible with all versions of iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Express

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You can also download the Quick Start Guide separately if you'd like:

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If you have a license to version 1 of FootTrack and would not like to upgrade you can download version 1.7.1 here: FootTrack v1.7.1 (NOTE: This is for previous licensed users of version 1. All new users should download version 2 above instead).

Version 2.4 fixes two issues and adds new functionality and is recommended for all users of version 2.
You can generate iMovie 08 events and clips from within FootTrack. It will create reference movies from your original clips so they can be used within iMovie 08 while you continue to catalog your clips within FootTrack. Choose 'File -> Export to iMovie 08' to try out this new feature.
Fixed a bug where the image thumbnails would end up being small when importing clips on Leopard.
Fixed a bug where if you split an anamorphic non-DV clip the new split clip would not be marked as anamorphic.


Version 2.3.5 fixes a number of issues, adds some new functionality and is recommended for all users of version 2.
Fixed some custom buttons that looked out of place on 10.5.
Fixed a bug where the arrow keys no longer let you step through your clip when viewing it on 10.5.
Fixed an issue with splitting mp4 clips (on either 10.4 or 10.5).

Version 2.3.4 fixes a number of issues, adds some new functionality and is recommended for all users of version 2.
Added support for using the Elgato Turbo.264 to compress clips in FootTrack. You can compress your clips using the iPod Small, Best or Apple TV settings. For more information see Elgato's Turbo.264 page for more information.
CSV (comma separated values) exporter now has a 'excel compatible' checkbox. This eliminates problems importing CSV files that contain new lines or use quotes within the clip name or description.
Fixed an issue when dragging the very first split clip to iMovie. It would copy the entire movie file instead of just the subclip.
Fixed a cosmetic UI bug on the compress window where text would get written on top of previous status messages.
Fixed a bug where under some circumstances FT would not try and get the timecode from the timecode track when it should have.
Fixed a bug where splitting clips on import was playing back some clips past the point they should have - so you'd see a small section of the next clip when you shouldn't have (rare bug).
Fixed a bug that under some circumstances generated incorrect in/out points for clips when exporting to FCP XML.
Fixed a bug where tapes could disappear when in demo mode the next time FootTrack was started. They were still in the catalog but were not showing up in the tape viewer.
Fixed a bug where command-clicking quickly to add to the clip selection could end up unselecting all your clips instead.
Fixed a bug where opening the open panel either to select a new catalog location or import clips could be rather slow and cause the dreaded spinning beachball.

Version 2.3.3 fixes a number of issues and is recommended for all users of version 2.
German localization has been updated. Thanks to Fiver Löcker!
Improved the FCP XML export such that the in/out points more closely match the clip in FootTrack's catalog. There were also cases where the duration could be completely wrong.
When you export via a batch capture list all clip names are now unique. Each clip that has the same name as another will have a number appended in order to make it unique.
Fixed a bug where splitting a clip in a group did not add the newly split clip to that group.. the clip was only added to the tape itself.
Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.2 fixes a number of issues and is recommended for all users of version 2.
Added support for reading timecode information from the timecode track (if available) when importing clips. FootTrack can now read timecode in/out information from movie clips generated by Final Cut Pro even if the footage is not DV.
Added support for overridding the DV recorded date on a tape by tape basis. Select a tape, bring up the inspector and choose 'Allow editing DV dates' and you'll be able to edit recorded dates even if the date came from the DV footage itself.
Fixed a bug importing iMovie project files that only affected users of Intel Macs.
The Swedish localization is now up to date.

Version 2.3.1 fixes a number of issues and is recommended for all users of version 2.
Fixed a bug that only affected PAL footage and was introduced in the last version. Imported clips (already on the hard drive) were not being split by the DV start/stop marks because the timecode and date recorded for the clips was not being read properly.
Added a new menu item for re-reading DV clip metadata. You can use this to fix clips that were affected by the bug above.
Fixed a bug where spotlight was not finding the keywords assigned to clips. When you install the new version it will re-index your clips so searching by keywords will work properly.
Fixed a bug where you could drag a parent keyword and drop it into its list of children.
Fixed an issue where changing the tape name would appear to take longer than it should.
Fixed a bug that affected some of the non-English localizations. The capture window would not display the clips that were being captured even though they were being captured properly.
Fixed a FCP XML export bug where clips could not be recaptured after being imported in Final Cut Pro or Express HD.
Fixed a FCP XML export bug where an invalid XML file was created if any of the fields contained accented characters.

Version 2.3 adds support for Intel Macs, printing tape inserts, contact sheets and exporting FCP XML files. It also addresses some bugs. It is free for all licensed FootTrack 2.x users.
New printing features: user configurable contact sheets and tape inserts (miniDV and Hi-8/Digital-8). Choose a tape and then choose "File -> Print.." from the menu.
Added support for exporting FCP XML clip data. Choose "File -> Export" from the menu and then the FCP XML tab.
There is a new feedback window. Choose "Help -> Send Feedback.." from the menu. From there you can send feedback or a bug report (including console output and/or a crash log)
If you choose a new compression setting in the compression window it also changes the preference to that setting instead of requiring you to go to the Preferences window to change it.
Fixed a bug where if you search using multiple words that each keyword was not searched separately. For example if you have two keywords (eg diver, underwater) and do a search for 'underwater diver' nothing used to be found. Now the results will contain clips that contain both keywords
Widescreen clips now look nicer than in previous versions.
Fixed a bug where FootTrack would not let you eject the CD/DVD if you had just watched a clip that was located on the CD/DVD.
You can now have more than a single line for keywords in clip detail view. Right now it is only configurable using Terminal by using the following command:
defaults write com.foottrack.FootTrack VideoClipNumberOfKeywordRows 2
You can replace the 2 with any number between 1 and 6.

Version 2.2.2 fixes various issues that were found in FootTrack since the last release. It is free and recommended for all FootTrack 2.x users.
Fixed the icon/detail toolbar icons on Panther so they show up correctly.
Fixed a bug where removing a video clip from a tape may not remove it from every clip group within the tape.
Fixed a bug where dragging clips to reorder them in a non-tape group would not work correctly in some cases.
Fixed a bug where you could not assign keywords to a video clip while watching the video clip.
The limit before stopping the capture because the footage ended has been increased to 8 seconds. This should fix any problems of capturing ending prematurely because of gaps in the video tape.
You can now edit tape or group names by using the contextual menu 'Edit Name'.
Fixed a problem where if you minimized the compress window the 'Cancel' button would no longer work when the compression was complete.
Updated the Swedish localization (thanks to Hans Kignell).
Searching the help files in languages other than English should now work correctly.

Version 2.2 adds several new oft requested features. It is free and recommended for all FootTrack 2.x users.
Spotlight support for Tiger users. All your cataloged video clips can now be searched within Spotlight. The video clips will show up as 'clip name (tape name)-FT' so you know at a glance what tape the clip came from. Double clicking on the clip in Spotlight search will select that clip in FootTrack. The first time you run FootTrack 2.2 it will index all your existing clips.
The file format for keywords and the tape catalog has been changed for increased backward compatibility for future releases. The negative effect this has is that once you open your catalog in version 2.2 you won't be able to open it again in an earlier version of FootTrack. Before running FootTrack 2.2 it is HIGHLY recommended you make a copy of your current catalog.
The catalog folder now uses actual video tape and clip names for the files in the catalog. So instead of a tape folder named '00001' it will be named the same as the tape. If you rename any tape or clip the file in the catalog will be renamed too. The first time your catalog is opened in version 2.2 all the folders and clip names will be renamed to the new naming scheme. If you have lots and lots of tapes/clips then this step may take up to a minute or so.
Image thumbnails are now 16x9 if the video clip itself is anamorphic. If you have clips you've already marked as anamorphic and would like to update their image just select them all and in the clip inspector uncheck the anamorphic checkbox and then recheck it (You must have either the original or a compressed clip for each video clip otherwise a new image will not be generated).
The export window has gone through some minor changes. It is now a slide down sheet that dismisses itself when the export is complete.
When searching for clips the keyword searching has been relaxed. In previous versions if you had a keyword named 'Swimming' you'd have to type the entire word to match any clips that had the 'Swimming' keyword. Now partial searches will match.
Fixed a bug where resizing the main window when the tape table view was displayed was very sluggish.
Fixed a bug where if you compressed during import and used a compression setting with a custom size it would be ignored.
When capturing a tape and the video footage comes to an end before the tape's end FootTrack will now stop the camera.
Fixed a bug where clicking on an already selected tape would not display tape inspector if the clip inspector was already being displayed.
Improved sorting by date for clips that don't have a recorded date.
When you edit or change custom compression setting the 'settings summary' on the right side of the compression settings section now updates properly to show the new changes.
When you delete a tape the captured DV clips for that tape will now be erased too.

The current release is version 2.4 (released on May 11, 2008). Scroll down to see What's New.
If you have any problems while trying out FootTrack please send email to support@foottrack.com
Check out FootTrack's help after downloading to help you get the most out of the app. There's also a Quick Start Guide included.
FootTrack contains the following localizations: English, Dutch, German, Swedish and French
The demo of FootTrack is hassle free. Give it a try. There's no time limit (you can catalog up to 2 tapes of 100 clips each).
If you like FootTrack please consider adding a review on MacUpdate or Versiontracker. You can also read what others are saying about FootTrack too.
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