Who better to tell you about FootTrack than people that are using it. Here are quotes from some of our customers:

Amazing tool you've created! I love it! It's exactly what I needed. I'm in the process of logging 23 dv tapes.
- J. Aron @ Industrial Light & Magic
"It is EXACTLY the kind of tool I was looking for. I downloaded the demo and got to work - perfect!"
- K. J.Carney
"I really do think that it is one of the most useful, user friendly, practical applications I have ever come across for my mac. So I humbly thank you for making my DV life so simple."
- K. Lomax
"I don't praise shareware often. Rarely, actually. But FootTrack is a great app and demands recognition. Very stable and quick. This is a must-have for anybody with even a couple of tapes - analog OR DV. A great investment and fun to use!"
- T. Gavin @ Tim Gavin Design
"FootTrack is one of those wonderful creations that come along from time to time that make you want to shout: "Of course! That's the add-on that now makes the original product just about perfect!" FootTrack has done that for iMovie, and - WOW - it now does it for Final Cut as well!"
- H. Jason (University of Colorado)
"I just bought your software. Cool! I always missed not being able to catalogue the AVI movies I take with my digital still camera with the same ease as iPhoto gave me. Thank you!"
- F. Locker
"I looked at a lot of video catalog/preview/organize applications, and by far FootTrack rocks over them all."
- K. Klingbiel @ Voices and Visions

Don't take our word for it that FootTrack can do wonders in organizing your video footage/clips. Give it a try.. it is hassle free. Just download it and you'll be able to catalog two video tapes of up to 100 clips each. There's no time limit and no other restrictions imposed.

You can also take the tour too.

Download FootTrack and give it a try if you haven't already. If you've tried an earlier version give the newest one a try. Lots of great enhancements are added for each new release.
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Check out the tour of FootTrack
FootTrack is updated many times during the year.. and all updates for the same major version are free.
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